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A F G H A N B B Q – Marinating As requested by many. Here is how I get tender …

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A F G H A N B B Q – Marinating
As requested by many. Here is how I get tender grilled meat with the best Afghan kebab flavors.

Start marinating the meat at least 8 hours before you plan to grill.


For 3 kg of meat
(2 kg lambshoulder and 1 kg rack of lamb)
100 ml oil
50 ml vinegar
6-7 cloves of garlic
2 tbs of my special kebab herbs mix
Which consists among other things out chillipowder, corianderseedpowder, paprikapowder, curcumapowder.
1 tbs extra black pepper & 2 full tbs salt (at least)
Onions for flavor .
C H I C K E N – breast
For 2 kg chickenbreast
200 ml yogurt
100 ml oil
6-7 cloves of garlic
Fresh parsley and or coriander
Lemon juice of 1 lemon
1,5 full tbs salt & black pepper
2 tbs of my special chicken kebab herbs mix
Which consist among other things out of coriander seedpowder, dried parsley, curcuma & dried chilli. You can add other herbs you like and prefer.

C H I C K E N – wings
For 1 kg of wings
For marinating the chickenwings you can use the same marinating mix but leave out the yoghurt and add instead 2 tbs of ketchup & mayonnaise.

For 1 kg of mixed minced beef- and lambmeat

Your hamburgers should differ from the usual afghan meatball and chabli-kebab flavor.
I used once again 2 tbs of my special herbs mix for hamburgers.
Which consist among others out of corianderseed powder, garlicpowder, cumin, chillipowder, blackpepper, Italian herbs
2 tbs breadcrumbs
1 full tbs salt
Mix the minced meat very well and make hamburg with a mold or by hand.
Extra tip I got from a dear friend. To make eggplant kofte kebab using salted and peppers eggplant and the hamburger meat. It was delicious!
Try it out and share this post!

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  1. We made the lamb kebab with your recipe today and it was amaaaazing😍 Everybody loved it. Thank you for sharing🙏 We only replaced the onion with red onion juice🙏

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