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Healthy nutrition after marriage  and favorite foods for husbands and wife


Learn how to eat healthy after marriage  so that you do not become obese or overweight, says Dr. Magdi Nazih Azmy, Professor and Head of the Nutrition Education Unit at the National Institute of Nutrition. The method of preparing, preparing and cooking these foods, as well as the method and timing of their presentation:




How to achieve healthy nutrition after marriage: 


The basic nutritional needs of the group to be provided with food, as the quantities and types of food differ according to age, gender, daily physical activity exerted, physiological conditions such as pregnancy or lactation, or the presence of some health problems.


 Food safety and security and that it is free from all forms of food corruption and contamination. The integration of the elements of a single diet, and it contains all the basic nutrients combined (protein substances - fatty substances - carbohydrates such as starches and sugars - vitamins - minerals - fiber - water). 


Balance the elements of the meal according to scientific recommendations, as the percentage of availability of each element differs from the percentage of availability of other elements, for example, the percentage of carbohydrates is about 65% of the meal and the percentage of protein substances is about 15% of the meal, and the percentage of fatty substances is about 20% of the meal, and This is according to the thermal energy that food gives to the body, and food sources should be distributed between plant and animal sources.


That fully mature foods are in good condition and easy to digest and absorb. 


The meals should be of a variety of variety and color, and be free from spicy and savory substances. 


That the daily amount of food appropriate to the nutritional needs is distributed into four daily meals at fixed times. 


Not relying on pre-processed foods and paying attention to the availability of foods that are from natural sources, and that are in the same season. 


Avoid eating foods that contain chemical additives such as preservatives, anti-fouling, colorants, flavorings, and sweeteners. 


The daily availability of green salad on the tables accompanying the main meals and the availability of one of its components with the rest of the day’s meals.


 Reducing the daily intake of salt and sugar, due to the negative effects resulting from excessive intake of them.


 Not to excess or neglect any food or drinks, in order to benefit from their value and not be affected by the harms of overeating them.


Paying attention to dairy products and dairy products in the daily nutritional planning, because they are one of the best sources of calcium for absorption in the body. 


Avoid excessive intake of processed sweets and replace them with fresh fruit. 


Interest in eating fish at least twice a week, preferably one of the types of fatty fish, and for the health benefit of eating fish oils.


 Inclusion of some curative, immune and preventive foods and drinks within the healthy nutrition after marriage, such as: berries - buckthorn - green tea - hot oil - honey - pomegranate - garlic - onions - lemon - local wheat night ... etc. 


Drink high doses of water at different times of the day, as the water purifies the body of various toxins.


Organizing and fixing meal times in a fixed order, to keep pace with the sun as much as possible (early breakfast - lunch in the middle of the day at 12 noon - dinner immediately after sunset). 


Walking for at least half an hour before bed at night. 


Distribution of the weekly food pattern on the basis of (two fish days - two poultry days - two days of legumes and grains - one day of red meat).


Favorite foods for husbands 


Attention to berries, onions, lettuce, and figs.


The best foods for wife's 


Interest in anise, fenugreek, lettuce, olives, pears, and turkey eggplant.