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Best cooking pot and cooking pots Types And Rules

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Cooking pot – cooking pots Types And Rules Of Selection

Cooking pot
Cooking pot

Good dishes are needed to cookpo.com It can be difficult to estimate the offer of a large variety of cooking Pots. With lots of pans, pots, saucepans and more, your head can get round. They come in different shapes, colors, sizes and they are made of different materials.

On the counters, you can find , cast iron, ceramic and enamel, while it has its own advantages and disadvantages. One may be ideal for stringing, in another it is better to cook only in soup, but in the third it is better to fry or cook.

Features good kickware of cooking pot

Cooking Pots will be made of safe and defective substances that will not react chemically with food. For example, aluminum cookware is not suitable for acidic products, as the acid can interact with it and release harmful substances.

Most non-stick cookware is made of aluminum, so damage to the cookware will adversely affect the quality of cooked food.

It is also important to monitor the integrity of the coating of enameled dishes, as they are made of metal, so contact them to avoid unwanted product. When buying such Pots,


pay attention to the edges, which should be smooth, uniform and uniform color without exposed areas and chips. Enameled dishes should not contain dark spots and dots on the inner surface, their presence indicates processing defects.

When choosing a cookware, you should pay attention to the following:

High quality kitchen Pots should be heavy – the products will not go bad and will last a long time.

The bottom of the cookware should be flat, smooth and free of defects.

For soups and stews, it’s best to choose pots that are wide with low walls.

Try to choose cooking Pots with thick walls and bottom, they will get evenly heated and stay warm longer.

Cookware handles should be made of high quality, durable material that will not deteriorate and get hot when exposed to high temperatures.

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Choose the dish based on which you are cooking:

Glass ceramic hob requires dense, flat and flat bottom, black or matte pots. The diameter of the pan should be greater than the diameter of the hot plate.

Do not use glass ceramics for aluminum or copper bottom pots as well as plates. The underside of the coke ware must be dry and clean, without any embroidery, to avoid damage to the dirt.

Microwave requires non-conductive cookware. It should not contain metal or metal samples. The best choice for microwave ovens is heat resistant glass or ceramic cookware.

For induction hubs, it is recommended to use only vessels made of magnetic materials: cast iron, steel and other types of iron. Its suitability can be tested with a magnet.

electric or gas stoves

Anyone will make a dish for electric or gas stoves , but it is better to choose products with thick bottom.

Aluminum best cooking pot 

Cooking pot
Cooking pot

Such dishes are notable for their low cost, they are lightweight, durable and have good thermal conductivity, so they are cooked quickly.

In a pan like this, you can boil pasta, cereals, vegetables or milk. They are not suitable for storing food and preparing food containing acid and alkali. In aluminum dishes, food burns easily and is not easily washed. Pots made of material quickly recover and lose their appeal.

Cast iron

Cooking pot
Cooking pot

There is a difference between stability and high strength. Suitable for cooking dishes that require long-term cooking, such as pilaf, poultry, stew or vegetables. Food never burns in cast iron pots, but it is not recommended to leave cooked food in it, as the food may change color and taste.

A major drawback is the tendency to rust, therefore, it must be cleaned after washing. In enameled cast iron cookware, these disadvantages are missing.


Cooking pot
Cooking pot

pot and fireproof glass do not come in contact with food, have low thermal conductivity, are beautiful, eco-friendly, easy to clean and resistant to lime. Glassware should be used with caution over open fires. Due to its low thermal conductivity, it is unevenly heated, so it can explode.
It is best not to use oval or rectangular products on round burners. Suitable for baking in the oven, microwave, electric or gas stove


Cooking pot
Cooking pot

Its display is good and cheap price. Suitable for making and salting foods, it is suitable for making soups, stews, borscht, cabbage soup, compotes. The products in it burn easily, and are then thoroughly cleaned. Such Pots are delicate and chips are easily formed on them. Cooking in bad pots is not recommended.

Stainless steel

Cooking pot
Cooking pot

This type of tablecloth is not afraid of acids and alkalis, does not scratch, retains an attractive appearance for a long time, is easy to clean and does not affect the quality of food. Good quality stainless steel cookware is expensive. Beneath it are several layers, allowing the heat to be distributed evenly, allowing food to cook faster and not burn.

When using such Pots, do not overheat, as stains may appear on them. A pan made of stainless steel is not suitable for making pancakes as they will stick to the surface.

Non-stick ceramic coating

Cooking pot
Cooking pot

This type of cookware is resistant to high temperatures. Its coating does not contain heavy metals, it is dense and scratch resistant. Frying pan and stewing ltd. Suitable, it is easy to cook healthy and delicious food. It is suitable for gas, glass-ceramic and electric stoves, washes well and is not afraid of alkalis and acids.

Care should be taken when buying ceramic coated cookware, as counterfeit or low quality products may be stumbled upon.

Teflon coated

Cooking pot
Cooking pot

Resistant to alkalis and acids, it does not burn food and is cooked evenly. It is suitable for stew and frying pan. Handle this cookware carefully as the coating can be easily damaged. The food in it should be mixed with Teflon or wood paint, it should be washed carefully. It is sensitive to high temperatures, at which the coating begins to rot and the defective product enters the food.
It is also unsafe to cook in them if damaged. If this bubble starts or changes color, it is better to get rid of such pots.


Cooking pot
Cooking pot

Cookware made from refractory ceramics preserves the aroma and flavor of dishes. It has poor thermal conductivity, so it is cooked with a gentle heat treatment, which preserves its beneficial properties. Ceramic is a beautiful form of coke ware, suitable for microwave ovens and all kinds of ovens. Its disadvantage is its low strength.