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cooking classes near me and where can i take cooking classes easily

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cooking classes near me, If you live in Xianya Village, you can make more or less money, you don’t have much pressure in your life, and you grow your own vegetables. Here, the consumption is to buy a cabbage in the morning for two yuan a catty, buy three catties in the morning to eat in the morning, and buy three catties in the evening to eat at night, so I can’t stand me. I need money for everything. Sometimes I feel very happy, and sometimes I am stressed.

cooking classes near me

Wu Ha is the first person to open a small shop in “Cliff Village”. He has four children studying, his wife is illiterate, and he has no job at home farming. As early as 2017, Wu Ha applied for a farmhouse business license in order to participate in the development of tourism in the “cliff village”.


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In the first month after moving,

Wuha’s commissary earned more than 1,200 yuan, which was used to pay for water, electricity, firewood, rice, oil and salt, mobile phone fees, and transportation costs totaling more than 800 yuan. The remaining 400 yuan was almost all spent on food and clothing for the children, and there was basically no surplus. Therefore, the top priority is to help his wife find a job in the county.

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Wu Ha’s wife is Ayong Mo Ago, 48 years old this year. The job search was not smooth at the beginning. Wu Ha felt that this was suffering from the previously uncultured suffering, and now he can no longer suffer from lack of skills. After the relocation, Zhaojue County has carried out several skill trainings in the community, especially as the surrounding industrial parks and schools are completed and put into use, the demand for labor is increasing. Encouraged by Wuha, Ayung Moaguo signed up for a chef training class in the community.


Ayong Moaguo:

I (learning to cook) should not be afraid of hard work and improve my skills. We must also do a good job in hygiene.

Ayong Moaguo talked about the need to improve hygiene, but the living habits she had cultivated in living in the mountains for many years could not be changed overnight. Her performance in the training class was immediately pointed out by the teacher—not talking about hygiene. .


Don’t wash your hands, don’t cut your nails, grab vegetables with your hands, throw the unfinished food directly on the plate, use uncleaned plates to load vegetables, etc. It used to be nothing in the mountains, but now you can’t move into the city. Up. The first step of skill training is to teach everyone to teach good hygiene and have good living habits. It is the beginning of the fellow villagers adapting to the new life and the basic prerequisite for moving to a new job.

After a period of training,

Ayung Moaguo has become more comfortable in cooking techniques, and has also improved significantly in terms of hygiene. Training not only provides opportunities for poor people to learn new skills, but also an important reference for recommending them to employers. Due to his outstanding training performance, the community recommended Ayung Mo Aguo to work as a kitchen handyman in a nearby elementary school. After passing the interview, he can be employed.

Ayong Mo Ago, who participated in the interview for the first time in her life, didn’t understand the interviewer’s words when she came up. This made her very nervous and worried about being brushed down.

What would you do when you see children throwing away the leftovers?

Ayong Mo Aguo: As a cafeteria aunt, you should not scold your children, but educate them and teach them hygiene. They will be obedient.

After the judges’ patient explanations, scoring and job matching, Ayong Moaguo finally got a job as a primary school kitchen handyman with a monthly salary of 1,500 yuan.cooking classes near me. The couple couldn’t wait to sign a labor contract on the spot.


a villager in Atuliel Village: I don’t worry anymore. I have to (take good care of) four children if I am confident now. If the wife is stable at work here, the four children will raise them to study and walk out of the mountains. I hope this is the case.

Villager of Atuliel Village Moseswuha:

I just want my wife to be here all the time. I can also open a farmhouse in Cliff Village. If I go out (part-time work), I won’t worry about it. Living conditions will get better and better, and the economy (income) will definitely increase year by year. I am confident that cooking classes near me.

Up to now, more than 90% of the 84 relocation households in “Xianya Village” have participated in various skill trainings, and one third (24 households) of the households have made money by migrant workers, and some local workers and entrepreneurs There are 24 households, and a few are covered by subsistence allowances. And around the resettlement sites near the county seat, the construction of industrial parks and other work are also progressing one after another. In the future, more job opportunities will be provided to the people who move down the mountain.