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Rice pudding  Degcha (دیگچه)Delicious and special dessert.I have prepared thi…

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Rice pudding  Degcha (دیگچه)
Delicious and special dessert.

I have prepared this dessert in memory of my dear mother. May her soul rest in peace how make rice pudding degcha 💖🤲

It is another variation on  the regular rice pudding. It is lightly firmer and has a thick rice layer on the bottom of the pan. Hence the name deg (pan) cha.

♡What you need:

– 2 cup risotto rice
– 2 cup of water
– 6 cup  of milk
– 1 cup of whipped cream
– 1 cup off sugar
– 1 tbsp Rose water
– 1 tbsp ground cardomam
– 50 g almonds
– 1/4 tbs salt
– For decoration pistachios


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Wash the rice and soak for an hour with warm water .
Put a pan over low heat with water and rice. Cook the rice until it softens then add the salt,  milk and cardamom (put in a tea case to prevent the black seeds).

Stir well until rice is really soft then add almonds and the sugar* and cook until the milk evaporates. In the end add the rose water.
The pudding should be slightly harder than normal rice pudding.

To get that thick bottom you need to steam the rice for 30 minutes. Use aluminum foil for the lid and a flamedivider.
Then turn off the fire and let it cool for a few hours. Now you have that Degcha layer on the bottom of the pan.
Garnish with pistachios and enjoy this delicous dessert.😊👩‍🍳💝

*It is very important that rice is soften enough before you add the sugar otherwise your rice will not become soft. That I learned from my mother💖

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