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how make sour pomegrante. Ever bought pomegranate which is too

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sour pomegrante
sour pomegrante

💡 Tip of the day for too sour pomegrante. ❣

Ever bought pomegranate which is too sour to eat? Instead pf throwing away I made this delicious pomegranate marmalade. It is surprisingly delicious and has a nice crucnh.and how make sour pomegrante at home.


– Sour pomegranate 1 cup
– Sugar  1 cup
– Water 2 cups
– Lemon juice of a half lemon

Boil the ingredients for about 20 minutes on low temperature. Until the water avaporates and you get that jelly like texture. And don’t worry about the pomegranate pits. They will soften and get get the same bite as almonds.

After it is cooled down. Store in a clean glass jar . enjoy 😊👩‍🍳❣

Nice for breakfast!

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