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Today something orange for Kingsday Unlike other years we are staying home thi…

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💡 Today something orange 🍊for Kingsday 🧡
Unlike other years we are staying home this Kingsday. So now you have time to make this fun recipe! .
Candied orange zest [Gekonfijt sinaasappelschil] .
Orange zest does not only smell good but is also healthy and even works as an anti-depressant. Orange zest is usually used when preparing desserts. As you might have seen I love to use it in my dishes😄. But there is more to it. You can use orange zest 3 ways: dry it (in the oven), freeze it to use whenever you want or… you can candied it! Let me show you how!
What you need:
2 oranges
100 gram sugar
Boiled water
1 (clean) glass jar

Split the orange into 4 parts and peel it as shown in the pictures. Try to cut off as much of the white part as possible. The white part is bitter and you only want the thin “orange” zest. Then cut it into thin strips and put into a bowl. Afterwards add hot boiled water and leave it for an hour to soak. After an hour drain the water and repeat the last step with 100 ml water.


Take a pan add the sugar and the orange zest with its water(100 ml) and boil until the water is dry.
After it is chilled you can pour the candied orange zest into a glass bottle and preserve it 👩🏼‍🍳🧡💙😊 enjoy!

Fijne Koningsdag = Woningsdag allemaal, maak er wat leuks van! .

عزیزانم متاسفانه توضیحات فارسی جا نشد😉 اگر دوست داشتید میتوانم جداگانه نوشته کنم .

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