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When you have cravings for traditonal afghan Ashak (special ravioli with leek) b…

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When you have cravings for traditonal afghan Ashak (special ravioli with leek) but dont have the time make it here is a pasta recipe afghan way.
Afghan Pasta Recipe (آشک عاجل)🇦🇫 Here is what you need:
For the pasta .
-200 g farfalle pasta
-100 g minced meat (lamb or veal)
-250 g red kidney beans -50 g chopped leek
-5 tbsp sunflower oil
-Tomato paste
-Clove of garlic
-Spices: chili pepper, turmeric, salt, black pepper .
Yogurt sauce ingredients:
-Natural yogurt (on room temperature)
-[juice of half lemon, 1 grated garlic and salt.]
-1 tbsp dry mint
-1 tbsp chili pepper
– few coriander leaves
🥘 Pasta saus:
Fry the onion until they turn brown then add the minced meat with the herbs. When the meat also turned brown add tomato paste stirred it and then add 100 ml water and let it simmer for 10 minutes. At the end add the beans and let it stimmer again on low temperature with the lid closed. .
🍲 Pasta:
Boil the pasta in a large pan with plenty of water with 1 tbsp salt for 15 minutes (or al long as is instructed on the package). Add the leeks and boil another 2 minutes. Then drain it but don’t rinse it.
🥣 Yogurt sauce to serve the dish with:
Stir yogurt with grated garlic, add some salt and the juice of half lemon. Stir until nice and smooth.
🍝 Here is how to plate & serve it
Spread some of the yogurtsauce on a large plate. Then fill a flat plate with pasta, distribute it well, add another layer of yogurtsaus.
Then finally add the minced meat with some sprinkles of dry mint, chili pepper and fresh coriander to top it off.
Enjoy!😊👩‍🍳💙 .


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